Bali: Connect, Release, Receive

Ubud, Bali, 2015


I have arrived in Bali.

I am so happy to be here. It is just as beautiful and magical as it was last time I left it in May last year.

The first step in my surrender experiment has been implemented! Note to self for next time I have any doubts about this decision: going to Bali is always a great idea!

I am staying in a house close by the one I stayed in last year, which is near the Munivara Ashram, which was founded by the Kundalini Tantra Yoga teacher, Guru Arsana. I was amazed to see that the brand new Om Ham Retreat Centre has been completed nearby. I don’t remember even it being under construction this last time I was here. And now, there it is a four storey retreat centre built in the Balinese style, with a huge yoga shala on the top floor with a view over the rice paddies. This is where Guru Arsana teaches his popular Sunday morning yoga classes now. Of course there is also a stunning pool, which I plan to test out soon.

Pool ay OmHam Retreat, Ubud, Bali
Sparkling Pool ay OmHam Retreat, Ubud, Bali

I almost have a working music studio set up in my house, I just need some help with setting up my mic. Keyboard is already working.

On Sunday I went to the morning dance at Yoga Barn, which was an overwhelming rush of positive energy, bubbling up from the hearts of the dancers and overflowing into the shala and into the world. The dance was jam packed full of shining happy dancers from around the globe, many who call Bali home and many others passing through. Was so fun to bump into friends on the dance floor who I hadn’t seen in person since last May.

The dance coincided with Venus going direct (having been in a retrograde period for the past few months), so that means: green light for love, and for all of those projects that have been strangely stuck or not moving forward how you wished. When things are not moving forward or progressing how you wish, then it’s often better to just sit back and relax, or turn your attention to another area of your life.

Because what is more important that things getting done, is the energy that you put into the doing of them. So if the energy is one of striving and pushing, then this will influence your end creation.

Ashram Munivara, Ubud, Bali
Accommodation at Ashram Munivara, Ubud, Bali

In the end, the energy of surrender and release is so much more enjoyable than the energy of pushing and forcing and trying to make things happen. We can make plans, but things will happen when they are meant to happen. Then we need to let go of attachment to outcomes: to practice Aprarigraha, or non-attachment and non-grasping. Like Krishna in the Baghavad Gita, we cannot avoid facing our karma, and taking the action in our lives that needs to be taken. But there is also a much bigger plan for us, one that is out there being constantly shaped by all the forces and elements of the universe, which are in constant co-creation with us.

Such as Venus.

Which is now back circumnavigating in a forwards direction.

When you live in a culture such as the one in Bali, where the people believe in the existence of the spiritual realm, and of many other realms apart from those that most humans can perceive, it is much easier to relax into the energy of surrender, to let life happen, to open, to accept and to flow.

In many parts of the world – particularly highly so-called ‘developed’ societies, materialism is still very much the dominant paradigm, and the overriding message of those societies is: make sure you have enough money, and then you will be OK.

Thus, instead of following our hearts’ callings – and the messages that come from deep inside about what to do, and how to be here on Earth, living in these societies we can easily be influenced to think first how do I get enough money? And thus orientate our lives around the pursuit of something that doesn’t even really exist.

Because money is actually nothing. It is pure invention; a way of easily computing a value exchange with another.

The thing about the materialistic mindset is that this mentality is actually what creates scarcity.

When money becomes God, and you can never quite get enough, then you start to believe in the false concept of scarcity; that there is not enough, and that you have to keep on running on the wheel forever because there will never be enough. And if you go down this road then you are lost. You are in the grip of fear, and this is right where governments and corporations want you so that you will keep running on that wheel in order to get the money to buy their stuff, and to look for fulfilment in the stuff, which you will never find. Then you are stuck on the wheel of Samsara, in suffering.

But you are always free to choose.

Choose yourself, choose freedom, follow your deepest desires and listen to the whisperings of your heart. This is the way to liberation.

Abundance is the natural state of humanity. Abundance is your natural state. And there is enough on this Earth for everyone.

When you take some time to look at nature, you will see that all plants and animals live naturally in symbiosis and harmony. There is no lack apart from in times of natural disasters such as earthquakes or fires or disease. I was so happy to read recently that there is a new law in France that makes it illegal for supermarkets to destroy food

This is a step in the direction of sanity. Of giving the food to the people that need it instead of throwing it away because it has not served the God of Profit (would that be Midas, perhaps?!). The next step will be in giving sanctuary to all people who need it who are crossing the seas out of desperation. All life is sacred. All life deserves a chance.

Here in Bali, people pay homage to the sacredness of life with their daily offerings of fruits, flowers, incense and sometimes a mini Jatz biscuit! On my porch in the mornings I find a small offering left by Made, who owns the house I stay in. And I feel blessed. And I offer them my blessing. I am reminded of the sacredness of all life: mine, yours, theirs, and that of all of the animals and plants that share Earth with us.

Yesterday in the afternoon the family dog, Bobby, came up and ate the mini Jatz biscuits from the offering. He knows he is also a manifestation of the divine, thus the biscuits – are for him!

Trust that you are always cared for, and that there is always enough. We have enough, and we are enough. And then open your heart and receive all of the riches that life offers and is continually offering you. Thank you Bali for giving me this teaching anew.

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