How to Heal Negative Thinking and Behaviours

How to Heal Negative Thinking and Behaviours

So, after a month’s break in August, where the word was Illuminate, I am back with the Word of the Month for September: Eradicate.

It is spring here in Australia so it’s a good time for renewal and regrowth.

Cleaning out the mental and emotional closets is such a healthy (and necessary) practice for a good life. Life is a process of constant renewal, and in order to be present in the now, and be able to fully Express (the word for the year) we need to be constantly clearing out what is no longer necessary.

When we look at the etymology of ERADICATE – it comes down to roots.

Latin eradicat- ‘torn up by the roots’, from the verb eradicare, from e- (variant of ex- ) ‘out’ + radix, radic- ‘root’.

To eradicate is to pull something up by the roots. This is particularly relevant to the rooting up of old beliefs that no longer serve us.

What I am noticing that is coming up for uprooting at the moment is my attachment to views and opinions and the need to be right. All of this is of the ego, and while the ego, per se, is not a bad thing, it definitely isn’t a good idea to let it guide out lives. Attachment to views and opinions and being right strengthens the identity and the sense of self. Letting go of views and opinions and the need to be right helps us to be more in the flow of life and less in a vibe of conflict (fighting with what is). READ MORE

Book Review: The Surrender Experiment

Book Review: The Surrender Experiment

Have you ever wondered if perhaps there was an easier way to live? If perhaps you are paralysed by indecision in your life, not knowing whether to take this or that path, and so you end up stuck in your head, thinking about it? I know I have experienced this many times.

Generally, when we are thinking too much, clarity in our decisions will not arise, instead it will move further out of our reach.

I recently read an amazing book called The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer. It had the subtitle: My Journey to Life’s Perfection. If that is not an alluring title, I don’t know what is!

I read this book on my Kindle reader on my phone in just a couple of days. It was that compelling. I just couldn’t put it down.

This is basically Michael Singer’s life story. He begins when he is in his twenties, studying economics at the university of Florida. He is hanging out with a friend one day when he asks the friend –

“Have you ever noticed that there’s this voice talking inside your head?” READ MORE

In The Bardo: Change, Growth, Expansion

In The Bardo: Change, Growth, Expansion

Hello to all of you my lovely readers!

Perhaps you have been following The Global Yogi for a few years or you have just subscribed to the digest recently.

Regardless of how you found Global Yogi, I want to extend a huge thank you to you.

Thanks for being here and for reading and for being you. We are in this journey of awakening together.

I created The Global Yogi to share my own journey of awakening and growth with you, in the hope that it would be a light on your own journey, so that we could walk together into a life full of self-love, self-acceptance and the fulfilling of our dreams: self realisation, powered by yoga and meditation.

I wanted to share with you all of the places I have been that have been supportive for me in this journey. I wanted to share with you the wise teachers and people I have met who have helped me on my journey. I wanted to share with you the books that I have read that have been pivotal in my understanding of life and of myself. And I wanted to share with you all of my insights along the way. READ MORE

Cracked Open By Love

Cracked Open By Love

A poem I wrote in Sicily after a frustrated 3 month mission to see my ex-boyfriend and the man who broke my heart into a million pieces.

Finally, after all of that searching, all of that wanting, all of that longing, all of those one and two night stands in Paris during my investigations on the subject of SEX and LOVE, I found what I was looking for all along: the light within. Sicily holds a special place in my heart because this was where this epiphany happened for me. It is a place of brilliant light, warm and loving people and a very real feeling that the people are living each day as if it were their last: la bella vita, infatti… I love Sicily! READ MORE

How to Write Articles That Convert: A Short Guide to Content Marketing for Yogi & Wellness Preneurs

How to Write Articles That Convert: A Short Guide to Content Marketing for Yogi & Wellness Preneurs

A short guide to how great writing (blog posts and emails) can help boost your sales, bookings and conversions in your yoga or wellness business.

Did you know writing is your hidden superpower?

But not just any writing – words that make an impact and convert your ideal students and clients to your offer.

As a business owner, perhaps writing does not come naturally to you, but you know you have to do it to let people know what you are up to.

It is my aim in this article to make that process easier for you, by pointing out 5 factors which will give your writing greater impact, resulting in more conversions for your business. READ MORE

Deer-Lightful: a yoga story, awakening to our light within

Deer-Lightful: a yoga story, awakening to our light within

I met Yuti McLean during a one month stay at the Gondwana Sanctuary, an intentional Osho community set up in the mid-eighties just north of Byron Bay in Australia. One evening at the community dinner, Yuti showed me a beautiful children’s book she had illustrated that had just been released. I was struck by the gorgeous illustrations and the simplicity and profundity of its message. And I knew immediately I had to tell my Global Yogi readers about it!

I caught up with Yuti, illustrator of the book Deer-Lightful, to find out more about the process of co-creating this beautiful children’s book with its author, Suzanne Thell as well as her own journey in Dru Yoga.

MT: I really liked the very concise and precise writing in the book. How long did the whole process (of creating the book) take. READ MORE

RELEASE: Let Go of What No Longer Serves You

RELEASE: Let Go of What No Longer Serves You

The word for this month, June 2017 is RELEASE.

I have been writing an article on each word each month so far this year and we are now almost half way through!

A quick Google definition of Release gives: 

1. ‘allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free’.

“the government announced that the prisoners would be released”

Synonyms: free, set free, let go, allow to leave, set/let/turn loose, let out, liberate, set at liberty, deliver, rescue, ransom, emancipate;

2. ‘allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.’ “she released his arm and pushed him aside”; READ MORE



This year, according to my Feeling-Based Annual review, I have a prescribed word for each month of the year. The word for May was RECEIVE.

In life we are constantly partaking in a wheel of giving, receiving, offering, taking and allowing. There is a flow between all of these energies – sometimes we may be more in the mode of offering, other times we may be in the flow of allowing, and then other times we may feel evenly balanced between all of the modes.

An interesting experiment is to as you go through your day to see how you are doing in relation to these different qualities of giving, receiving, offering, taking and allowing. Check in throughout the day with your heart, and ask yourself, how am I feeling right now in regards to one of the elements of the flow… READ MORE