In The Bardo: Change, Growth, Expansion

In The Bardo: Change, Growth, Expansion

Me as Marie Antoinette (yogi version!). I was a model for my friend, makeup artist Christian Cairns (@christiancairns). Photo by P.A. Mathiesen (@ampmimages).
Me as Marie Antoinette (yogi version!). I was a model for my friend, makeup artist Christian Cairns (@christiancairns). Photo by P.A. Mathiesen (@ampmimages).


Hello to all of you my lovely readers!

Perhaps you have been following The Global Yogi for a few years or you have just subscribed to the digest recently.

Regardless of how you found Global Yogi, I want to extend a huge thank you to you.

Thanks for being here and for reading and for being you. We are in this journey of awakening together.

I created The Global Yogi to share my own journey of awakening and growth with you, in the hope that it would be a light on your own journey, so that we could walk together into a life full of self-love, self-acceptance and the fulfilling of our dreams: self realisation, powered by yoga and meditation.

I wanted to share with you all of the places I have been that have been supportive for me in this journey. I wanted to share with you the wise teachers and people I have met who have helped me on my journey. I wanted to share with you the books that I have read that have been pivotal in my understanding of life and of myself. And I wanted to share with you all of my insights along the way.

My mission is the uplift-ment of all of humanity to a higher way of being ~ a higher and more evolved consciousness.

I want to be an agent of change, helping people to a place where instead of acting our out inner pain and conflict through the creation of external pain and conflict (biggest manifestation of this being wars), we go inside and we make friends with ourselves, we resolve our pain so that we can dig out out beauty to share with the world.

So this is what I have done for the past 7 years since I launched the site in 2011. I have dedicated a lot of time and energy into the website, into my weekly articles and interviews, and into the monthly Digest of yoga and spirit events around the world.


But now I am feeling a call in my heart to change direction. Though I absolutely love and adore all of my wonderful yoga business partners (a huge thank you to all of you) who I have worked with over the past seven years to promote their fabulous events and retreats to you, I am now feeling much more called to share more of my own heart and my own learnings / teachings on this path.

My mission has always been one of uplifting hearts and minds and souls and to inspiring you to dig deep inside of you and to give of your gifts in this lifetime. I have been fulfilling this mission through the promotion of all of the places, events and people who I have promoted across the years.

I want to continue to uplift, to inspire, to engage and to build a community of like minded people on this same mission.

But instead of promoting others I will be offering more of my own work and my own heart’s teachings for you. It is an exciting new phase on my journey of life!

I will be putting on new clothes – not only of Marie Antoinette as a yogi, but as my future self. I am now officially calling her in. My version 43.08, so to speak. 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, as well as a yogi meditative type I am also a musician (composer / songwriter) and artist. And I want to find a way to incorporate more of my artistic work into the newest manifestation of Global Yogi. After all, the word of this year is EXPRESS. Through healthy self expression, we are able to connect on a deeper level with our fellow humans, and thus, uplift us all.

Here are two of the songs I have produced so far for my upcoming album, The You-Niverse.

L’Univers (on Soundcloud):

This song I wrote while on my soul searching tour of Europe that started out as a mission to see my ex-boyfriend, the love of my life and man of my dreams – until he left me. What ended up happening was that I saw my man-relating patterns and ended up being Cracked Open by Love in an epic way in Sicily, by myself, on the couch, after I finally decided to give up on seeing my rockstar ex-lover. From this experience came both the song and also the poem, Cracked Open by Love.


The Temple in the Rain on Youtube.

This song I wrote living in the rice fields of Teggalalang in Bali in 2015 a part of a community of nomadic creative souls who had ended up on this magical island, guided by their heart.

I look forward to emerging from my bardo in a brand new form, and connecting with you for the general upliftment of us all!

Much love and gratitude for being on this journey with me.

May you flourish, yoga, connect, meditate, dance and create for the rest of 2017!

Chelle xxoo

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