Cracked Open By Love

Cracked Open By Love

Sicily, Italy 2014

Cracked open by love

Thank you my dear for all the pain

I needed to feel it

Our brief amour was not in vain


May all beings know love

May all beings be well

May all beings be happy

May all beings live to tell


Cracked open by love

I lay stretched on the floor

Blood seeping out

From every pore


Cracked open by love

I suddenly felt

All the chambers inside me

Slowly melt


Cracked open by love

I was amazed to feel

The softness, the light

Could this be real?


Cracked open by love

The shining inside

Finally it cured me

Of all your sad lies


Cracked open by love

All defences dissolve

All walls come down

And then beauty unfolds


Cracked open by love

On the square orange couch

I sit and wonder

At the sudden joy I felt


Cracked open by love

Blood poring on the floor

Like the blue grey sea of Sicily

Washed red in days of yore


Cracked open by love

In a moment it’s clear

It is this that we live for

This, right now, right here


Cracked open by love

Heart ripped to shreds

I sit here alone

In peace, in love, in bed

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