Follow Your Joy to Align with Your True Self

Samma Karuna Yoga Teacher Training, Nov 2017
Samma Karuna Yoga Teacher Training, Nov 2017

How joyful was your day today?

How many moments of joy did you experience?

What if living a fulfilling and enriching and wondrous life was much easier than you think?

What if, actually, it is the thoughts themselves – the overthinking, that was what was getting in the way of your following your joy?

I have been tracking my Surrender levels over the past five weeks or so, with the intention of discovering more about when I am in the flow of life and when I am out of it – stuck in the eddies of the stream so to speak. Snagged on a stick.

And the thing I have noticed, that whenever there is too much energy in my mind, and I am thinking too much, usually I am stuck on a stick. This is when I can easily get involved with the constant commentary of the mind and then lose my presence.

I have just discovered a wonderful spiritual teacher called Bentinho Massaro, who speaks a lot about following your joy.

What if this whole being a fulfilled, love-filled, forgiving, loving, generous, and happy person was a lot easier than we thought?

This is my question for you today.

Thanks to me following my inspiration to bring my guitar to the community dinner, a wonderful and joy-filled jam session emerged a couple of evenings ago here at Samma Karuna. I was in a total and complete joy immersion, along with everyone else.

So when this happens to you, it’s a sign. It’s a whisper, or even a shout from the heavens: do more of that!

What are five activities that never fail to light up your soul?

Get out your journal and write them down.

Next step: How can you integrate more of them into each and every day?

And I leave you with a quote form Bentinho Massaro: “When we believe in lack in any way and we apply that to our dreams, it is the surest way to block ourselves.”

What if your beliefs and your focus was on an abundance of joy, gratitude and celebration? What if every breath became a celebration of life and of the mystery of it all and lack was no longer in your vocabulary?

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