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If you regularly hold events and or you run or own a retreat centre or a big yoga studio, then consider joining the Community. It is US $15 per month and you can publish unlimited events as well as be a part of the monthly Q & A mentoring call for yogi and wellness-preneurs.

Publishing your events on the TGY Event Calendar is a great way to promote your offering to a connected global audience. Event submission instructions are outlined below.

  1. Enter your event details on this form.

  2. Pay via Paypal. One event costs US $45 and can be published up to 12 months in advance of start date.

  3. We will review your event and get back to you if we need any more info.

  4. If all is OK we publish your event and it will then feature in the next Global Yogi E-News mailout (monthly) and be promoted via our Social Media channels.
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Terms and Conditions

1. Customers are responsible for providing all the relevant event details (URL, email contact, phone contact, location, start & end date, cost, etc.). If any details are incorrect, the customer must notify The Global Yogi by email and errors will be corrected within a maximum time period of seven days. 2. The Global Yogi reserves the right to decide on the listing order (from top to bottom of the web page) of the event in each geographical category (Asia, Europe, Americas, Oceania, Africa & Middle East). 3. The Global Yogi reserves the right to change event publication prices at any time. 4. Your event must take place within the next 12 months for publication via this form.

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