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Are you a yogi / healer / therapist or light worker? Perhaps you run a studio or a retreat centre? Are you ready to take you email marketing engagement to the next level and start to really connect to your audience regularly, boosting bookings and reservations for your events, sessions or classes?

I have 10 Spots available each month for FREE E-marketing Audits.

My philosophy when it comes to e-marketing is: make your content engaging by showing up truthfully and authentically; don’t take yourself too seriously; make sure your spelling is correct (so important), don’t over send but also don’t be afraid to make offers to your people – that is what they are there for; and finally – always have fun. If you are not having fun in your e-marketing, something needs some tweaking magic.


Michelle Taffe
Michelle Taffe

I have been doing my own E-Marketing for The Global Yogi since I founded the website in 2011. I have a long history working in the digital media arena, having trained as a web designer and developer back in 1999 and working at my first job as an HTML programmer in 1999 / 2000 for the initial online version of a large national newspaper in Australia.

A few years back I was contracted as an email marketing specialist for the National Breast Foundation in Australia, where I was responsible for the create / send and reporting on some 6/7 e-newsletters each week to their database of hundreds of thousands of recipients around Australia.

I am convinced that email marketing is THE most effective long tern strategy for building your business and expanding your reach, helping you change more peoples lives for the better. 

The very big difference with email marketing (as compared to social media) is that you are the sole proprietor of your content and you are in control. You are not at the mercy of a big business. And if for any reason your provider (the platform you use) closes up shop, you own your database.


I provide a monthly service to people in the yoga and wellness business which includes the set up (or renovation of) your personalised template designed by me, and writing (along with you) monthly content to go out to your subscribers. Together we create a content strategy which is in sync with your upcoming events, seamlessly promoting them through informative and interesting articles / videos and the like.

We can also come up with strategies to incentivise people to book in to receive your offerings and services.

Monthly Cost: US $200 Setup Cost: US $250 (can be split over the 12 months).

Interested in this service? Just drop me a line using the form on my Contact page.

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