INTERVIEW: Healing belief systems and patterns with Erika Johansson

Theta Healer, Erika Johansson
Theta Healer, Erika Johansson

Erika Johansson is a Theta Healer based in Bali, Indonesia, where she works from Taksu Spa in Ubud.

I caught up with Erika to speak about how Theta Healer can help clear the subconscious blocks that stop us from being aligned with our highest good. I speak to Erika about surrendering to the flow of life and how the Theta Healing process can help this to happen.

Meditation for Divine Light and Healing

Following the interview Erika offered to do a short meditation. What follows is a beautiful 21 minute meditation from Erika to help you fill up with divine light and tune into your highest alignment with source.

Erika works from Taksu Spa in Bali (as well as via Skype) where she is offering a few different Theta Healing courses this December. Find our more here.

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