Ready to join me on a journey deep into your own heart?

Have you ever felt that something was somehow 'missing' or lacking in your life? That there was a spark that should be sparking that is not there or not working somehow?

If you don't fully love yourself, there will be ways in which your life will just not work. You may have persistent problems in relationships, with money, with finding fulfilment in your work, or going deeper, with living your life purpose and feeling realised as a human being.

Self-love is not something that we are taught in school and many of us have not been taught how to love and respect and value ourselves in our families either (because they also missed out on this teaching).

Join me on this life changing journey into the depths of your own heart.

This internal adventure will show you how to discover and dissolve all that is blocking or hindering you from fully loving yourself.

Imagine that you are going on a caving expedition inside of yourself, equipped with a powerful lamp to shine into all the dark corners, marvelling at the beauty of the stalactites, meeting the small creatures of the cave, feeling your way by supporting yourself on the damp cave walls when the ground underneath gets rocky. You will start to really love this cave and all that you find there, the darkness, the damp, the rock formations, the crevices, the beauty and the stillness.

As you venture deeper inside the cave, you will learn life-long habits which will grow your self-love and self-empowerment so that you feel completely at home in this place, and know that you are safe and supported here, and unconditionally loved. Then when you come back outside, you can fully show up for yourself and others and be the empowered creator of your life that you are meant to be.

And the best part? We are going caving together! Wow. 🙂

Many people like you all around the world struggle with self-love and may not even know that this is their underlying issue.

They have a feeling that something is lacking, that they are missing a piece of the puzzle of life but they don't know what it is. They may feel an emptiness inside that they try to fill with any number of things: food, drugs, money, sex and intimate connection, but none of these things work. The emptiness is still there.

This emptiness in the stomach is the vacuum created when you are not loving and honouring yourself. It is the place where your self-love should reside. This emptiness may have been there all of your life, since childhood. The good news is, there is a remedy and you can grow your self-love so that eventually instead of emptiness you will feel a fullness inside.

Other ways that a lack of self-love can show up in your life are things like: relationships not working out, money issues, a feeling of lacking purpose or life direction, a feeling of lack of joy and pleasure in life and perhaps even just an vague and unexplainable sadness that is ever present in the background of your life experience.

This empty feeling, and the accompanying feeling that something is just not right in your life and is sabotaging your success will not change until you address the underlying issue.

The good news is that your relationship to yourself can completely transform. The journey to Self-Love begins with four steps:

  • Recognition: Recognising all of the ways that you haven't fully loved yourself
  • Acceptance: Accepting that a lack of self-love is there and being prepared to look at it
  • Understanding: Realising your inherent self-worth through understanding who you really are
  • Commitment: Commiting to a series of daily practices to transform your relationship to yourself

With the support of a group of people on the same journey, you can change your relationship to yourself.

Over the course of two months you will be given a host of teachings and practices, which will create a solid foundation to grow your self-love for the rest of your life. I will not lie – this is not a quick fix – it will not happen instantly, but if you commit to the process it will happen, and your external experience of life will be transformed, as long as you continue the practices and continue to grow your self-love daily.

This is a journey that lasts a lifetime, and one that is richly rewarding and soul-igniting exciting (yesssss!), because as well as seeing the positive effects on the external plane, you will become more and more intimately acquainted with your own heart. What a gift!

Here's what you will be learning over the FIRST MONTH of the course.


  • 1 Hour Audio Teaching: Understanding our current relationship to ourselves
  • 30 Minute Meditation: Acceptance of this relationship without judgement or blame, while still understanding and acknowledging how it developed
  • 30 Minute Meditation: Forgiveness; asking for forgiveness for ourselves and others.
  • Homework: What is your current relationship to yourself? Identifying the stories we tell about ourselves and where they came from
  • Questions: Write down your questions to ask at the Google Hangout (recorded) on Sunday night


  • 1 Hour Audio Teaching: What does love feel like and how is it different from your current reality?
  • 30 Minute Meditation: You Are Love: shifting your relationship to self
  • Homework: Write down all the things that are amazing about you, all the ways that you help yourself and others, all the beauty in your character, all the loveliness
  • Questions: Write down your questions to ask at the Google Hangout (recorded) on Sunday night


  • 1 Hour Audio Teaching: What is our Inner Child and why we need to develop a relationship with him or her?
  • 45 Minute Meditation: Inner Child; Meeting our inner child and finding out what they need from us
  • Homework: Have a conversation with your inner child at the ages of 5, 7, 10, and 14. Ask them how they are feeling about things, and listen to their answer
  • Questions: Write down your questions for the Google Hangout Sunday night


  • 1 Hour Audio Teaching: What are we really here for? What constitutes happiness? The difference in feeling when we are following our hearts desire and when we are doing what others think that we should
  • 30 Minute Meditation: Joy; We are here for joy - living from your true or 'higher' self
  • 30 Minute Meditation: Empowerment; Self Love will empower you to live your truth and break through your limitations
  • Homework: A selection of joy cultivation practices
  • Questions: Write down your questions for Sunday night Google hangout



The second month of this journey is all about practice. You will receive a daily email asking you to do a specific practice or reflect on a specific theme. If you feel inclined then you can share your experience on our private fb group.

But wait? How do I know all this stuff? Because I know what it is like to not really love yourself.

It took me a lot of soul-searching to finally work out what the heck was going on in my own life and why stuff just didn't seem to fall into place for me. I thought I was doing everything right – chasing my dreams, pursuing my passions, travelling wherever my heart desired, in essence living what I thought was a wild and free life. But I always had this feeling that there was something I was missing.


Your fearless leader in Self-Love, Michelle Taffe (in Romania)

And, luckily, being on a long time path of self-enquiry, I turned inwards to find out what it was. And I came face to face with my own soul and my own heart. I met myself where I was, and I realised that I was not fully loving and respecting myself.

And this was the beginning of a series of realisations about the many many small ways I was not honouring myself, and not able to be fully present in life because of this underlying unresolved relationship with myself.

How this showed up for me was a feeling that I was not fully showing up in the world and shining my light. I was not being all that I had come here to be. I was hiding in some way. I wondered, what was I hiding from? And then it came, an avalanche of answers: fear of being fully seen, unworthiness and shame around 'what people would think' if they fully saw me, fear of judgement and criticism, and a general feeling of unease in my relationship with my self and with life. A life lived from a place a of ego ('what will they think of me, maybe I am not good enough') instead of from my true self which is pure love, shines with joy and is unafraid because the motivation for action from this self is love, not fear.

One day, I realised that things had changed. I was starting to really love and appreciate myself.

I started noticing how other people were treating me differently.

I was more relaxed, more at ease, and more carefree.

And I felt an inner wellspring of love and nurturing that was always present, feeding me throughout the day with my own love. Suddenly I was not so worried about whatever challenges I face in life, because I knew that it was from the inside, from fully loving and caring for myself, that these challenges would be faced and overcome.

If you are exhausted from the pain of things repeatedly just 'not working out for you', from pain experienced in relationships, from troubles with money and finances, and from a general feeling of not being clear on where you are heading in life, then take this journey with me.

When you purchase the Journey to Self-Love, my main goals for you in completing this journey are:

  • Self-Love: A new feeling of love and respect for yourself
  • Inner Child Relationship: A relationship with your inner child which will nourish and inform you throughout your life
  • Self-Honouring: Being able to hear your inner voice and honouring it by following its directions
  • A Practice: A daily practice of Self-Love as a foundation for growing self-love in your daily life
  • Change: A clear change for the better in your external life situation in the areas of relationship, work, money and living a life consciously moving in the direction of your dreams

In a nutshell, this is the Journey to Self-Love:

    The Journey

    The course itself, including 4 high quality recorded classes, 6 audio meditations, (downloadable mp3 files) and 4 Google Hangout call-ins each Sunday.

    The Workbook

    A downloadable PDF workbook with each week's lessons included as text as well as detailed instructions for the practices, and space for journalling.

    30 Days of Self-Love Email Journey

    30 Days of emails sent to your inbox in the second month of the course, each with a specific reflection or practice of Self-Love to be completed that day.

    PDF Self-Love Guide

    A downloadable copy of the 30 Day Email Journey made into a PDF ebook, which you can keep to repeat the journey any time in the future.

    Private Facebook Group

    A private facebook group where you are invited to share you learnings and your experiences with others in a supportive, open, non-judgemental and loving space.


    And, the best part?

    You get all of this for only US $89 if you book by Feb 20th, 2017 (early bird catches the love 🙂 )

    What better gift to yourself than the gift of self-love? This just might be the best $89 you ever invested.

    From Feb 20th - March 1st the contribution is: $108

    COURSE DATES: March 1st - May 1st 2017*

    *The first month is a weekly teaching with homework and weekly Q & A and the second month is a 30 Day Email Journey where you receive a different Self-Love tool to practice each day.

    Want to know how others have received my work?

    Here are some of the testimonials from my previous online course, Your Fab Yoga Life, which I ran with Kim Roberts in 2013 and 2014.

    Marianne Jacuzzi Marianne Jacuzzi, Yoga Teacher from Ireland

    “Your Fab Yoga Life” came to me when I had reached a crossroad in my journey as a yoga teacher. Though I had been teaching already for over 15 years, many things had shifted for me, both in my yoga practice and my personal life. This wonderful course empowered me with the inspiration, knowledge and challenge that I needed to move forward on my path.

    Every week, I looked forward so much to the new lessons. Kim and Michelle have a wealth of wisdom and understanding to share. Their method takes you deeper into yourself, helping you identify your own passion, your own commitment to yoga, your own life story that brought you to where you are now. It is all about teaching from a place of honesty and integrity, being a yogi first and out of that a teacher. The materials provide a good balance, communicating real information as well as challenging questions that serve to deepen self-understanding. I loved interacting with them, contemplating the issues they raised as I went through my week.

    Kim and Michelle provide a wealth of resources as well, from inspiring interviews with well- known yoga teachers to experts in social media and marketing, with all the practical tools to go with it. The course opened me up to so many new possibilities! Though I “finished” it this last summer, I am still going over lots of the material. The course actually has no finish, as it provides you with tools to develop over a lifetime.

    Kim and Michelle teach from a place of compassion as well as wisdom. Though the format is on-line, they are still always available for anyone’s needs. It is totally amazing how we on the course formed a community across the globe, with our two fabulous teachers at opposite ends as well! I feel such gratitude towards them for all they shared with us.  

    Om Shanti, Marianne Jacuzzi, Ireland

    Tash Hobbit Tash Hobbit, Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer from Australia

    It is rare to find a course that gives you so many real life examples of people who are living what is being taught. Kim and Michelle are sincere and are both living Fab Yoga lives enjoying adventure and abundance while staying true to their core yogic values. This course gives you the tools to go deep within and find out what it is you truly want. It gives you space to breathe and relax and to listen to your body and heart. This is something yoga teachers need to learn to do OFF the mat in every moment of their lives!!! I feel so inspired and so ready to birth a life that encompasses everything I have ever dreamed of. It is already happening for me. The more I let go and allow things to unfold, the more amazing openings appear. I am full of gratitude to Kim and Michelle for teaching from their hearts and for helping my find my Truth.

    This is a course that is guaranteed to bring you closer to your own unique way of being in the world and when we stand in our own power, magic happens. Get ready to feel your inner warrior birth and show you your very own Fab Yoga Life!!! I learned to hold onto exactly what I want and not settle for something else. My confidence in my unique offering to the world grew. I practiced the one small imperfect step toward a very big heart dream and the door opened easliy within 24 hours. This course reminded me to bring intention into every part of my life and this is making all the difference. I found the business modules really helpful and am feeling a lot more at ease with my relationship to money and abundance. This course shifted big belief systems that were deep inside me and allowed me to understand my self and to begin to release some inhibiting systems and allow new, positive, empowering beliefs to take hold.

    Carlie Karouw Carlie Karouw, Yoga Teacher from Holland

    This has been a stress-free and therefore joyful course for me. Because I did not had to travel and sit in a class. Just on my own time and at the same time it feels like really doing useful work. I got insights about my hearts longings and where I really am. And also about thinking patterns keeping me away from being happy with my life. So my view on what kind of life I would make my heart happy is getting clearer. I really enjoyed Kim and Michelle's coaching and audio recordings. So friendly and heart warming. The design of the website is beautiful and refined. So thank you Kim and Michelle for your openhearted and sincere effort to create this life changing course.

    Thank you Kim & Michelle

    Becky Pell Becky Pell, Rock'n'Roll Yogi, England

    This has been a brilliantly illuminating course in terms of revealing where I was blocking myself, and practical steps in moving past that start creating my dream life. A lot of exciting moves have started to happen as a direct result of practical action taken and openness felt, through this course. Do it!

    Angela Blank Angela Blank, Yoga Teacher from Switzerland

    I learned a lot about business & marketing and gained confidence to promote myself and my offerings. The course was extremely helpful to me. Even though I still need another job to support myself, I'm convinced to be on the right track and that one day I'll be able to fully live of my passion.

    Thank you Kim & Michelle

    Ready to change your life radically through learning to love yourself – truly, madly and deeply? Then join me!

    COURSE DATES: March 1st - May 1st 2017*

    *The first month is a weekly teaching with homework and weekly Q & A and the second month is a 30 Day Email Journey where you receive a different Self-Love tool to practice each day.

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