Energetic Flow

This year, according to my Feeling-Based Annual review, I have a prescribed word for each month of the year. The word for May was RECEIVE.

In life we are constantly partaking in a wheel of giving, receiving, offering, taking and allowing. There is a flow between all of these energies – sometimes we may be more in the mode of offering, other times we may be in the flow of allowing, and then other times we may feel evenly balanced between all of the modes.

An interesting experiment is to as you go through your day to see how you are doing in relation to these different qualities of giving, receiving, offering, taking and allowing. Check in throughout the day with your heart, and ask yourself, how am I feeling right now in regards to one of the elements of the flow…

Oftentimes you may find that receiving can be the hardest of the energies to really master. Many of us have been brought up to think that the more self-sufficient we are, the better. That we should be able to ‘do it all on our own’ and that that is somehow a measure of our success. In an interconnected universe where we are all dependent upon each other and on the web of life itself, this actually is a pretty of the wall idea. We can never really and truly ‘do it all on our own’ even if we think we can.

So learning to receive more in life can often mean the humbling experience of recognising that we need help, and asking for it.

It reminds me of the Beatles song: Help! I need somebody. (Not just anybody!)

Something beautiful about John Lennon and about so many of the Beatles songs are the qualities of emotional vulnerability and honesty displayed in the lyrics. John was not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and to show the full range of his emotions.

There are various different reasons why we may be blocked to receiving.

There may be underlying feelings that we are somehow undeserving of all the good that is coming to us. We may feel that perhaps we should be giving more than we are in order to fully receive abundance and love. If you notice any of these energetic blockages, see if you can just notice without judgement that they are there. Just identifying these kinds of beliefs can often be enough to shift them into more positive and affirming beliefs.

The flow states of giving, receiving, offering. taking and allowing also correspond to energetic states within the body. So if you are feeling that you may be somewhat blocked in the area of receiving, you may want to do a short exercise.

Practice for Opening to Receive

Lie down on your back and put you right hand on your heart and your left hand on your root chakra / sacrum area. Feel into your heart and how it is feeling. Does it feel open, closed, or in between. Is there any other feeling present? Then say out loud – I open to receive all the goodness and abundance that is flowing to me. With your hand on your heart feel into the effect these words have on your energy flow. Are you able to open your heart that little bit more?

As you go through your day, repeat those words to yourself ­– I open to receive all the love and abundance that is always flowing to me.


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