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Naad Yoga Council

Naad Yoga Council

Naad Yoga Council is an organisation of Sound Healers working from the traditional Indian roots of the Naad (Sound) Yoga tradition, which was created by Guru Nanak (the First Sikh Guru).

Naad Yoga is a path towards realising the essential vibration that is the source of everything, tapping into that energy as sound, in all its variety, to enable the health of the soul, mind and body.

Yoga means ‘capability’, but is also translated as ‘union’, and once the soul has felt that oneness of self, universe and creator, it has found its true nature and resonates with it. When the soul has remembered its full truth in this way, that resonance gently reminds the mind how to be happy, which in turn releases the body’s ability to be healthy.

This alignment with the oneness of everything allows a person to flourish because there is no stress. This is simply the truth of what is, and the person who has realised this can simply and fully be.

Founded by Professor Surinder Singh in 2006, his vision for Naad Yoga is:

“Honesty, integrity and spirituality through the science of inner communication. I want to share the ultimate science of sound for the incredible union of body, mind and soul, giving people a spiritual smile.”

Based in the UK, the Naad Yoga Council offers workshops, retreats and concerts throughout Europe and also in the US.

The focus is on sound and the psyche, meaning the thought/meaning behind the sound. At a Naad Yoga event you will experience the incredible power of sound for healing and personal growth. All you need to do to access this powerful healing is to open. This is a therapy and a experience that is accessible to all.

Led by qualified and experienced musicians playing ancient Indian traditional instruments, a Naad Yoga event involves listening and becoming sensitive to the subtle variations in sound that affect the emotions and the physical body, and then using them to provide the influence that is needed to redress the balance towards health.

The goal of the Naad Yoga Council is to introduce the west to the REAL sound of mantra and meditation from the heart of Ancient India. Are you ready? Find out about their latest events coming up below!


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