Re-frame Your Story

Humans are story makers.

We are unique in the animal kingdom in that our consciousness lets us be aware of our part in the story of life and death. We have the ability to place ourselves in a context of past and future. But sometimes this is more of a hinder than a help. Our minds can either be our foe or a friend in the way that they place us in the storylines of our lives.

Stories are powerful, just as the words that make them up are powerful. The stories we chose to tell about ourselves will change the way that we interact with the world around us and with other people.

What stories are you telling yourself right now about you, your place in the world and how your life is going?

Are they positive, empowering and uplifting stories? Or are they denigrating, debilitating and negative stories, or is it a bit of both?

What are some of the stories you tell about yourself?

Using a journalling process to identify some of your negative storylines is a useful way to bring them out into the light.

When you can see where you are placing yourself within your own story, you can then see if this story is serving you. And if it’s not, you can write yourself into a new story.

Some of the ways to identify the dominant narratives that you have about yourself. Use the following writing prompts to see if you can see any of them.

  • I always …..
  • I am the one who…..
  • I never……
  • I am the kind of person who …………
  • Whenever I find myself in ………… situation, then I do ……………

If you think about Cindarella’s story, she can either focus on her present condition as the workhorse for her step family, wearing rags and never going out to parties or meeting anyone, and develop a negative story about herself based on these external conditions.

Or she can choose to focus on her innate goodness, and recognise that while her current life conditions are not optimal, that something good is surely just around the corner. The first attitude will be one that builds a negative self view, and the second will be one that builds a positive self view and a positive life view.

What can you do if you are subject to negative storylines told about you by your friends of family?

First, you can recognise that what they are telling is a story about you. It isn’t the truth. And that that story does not need to hold any power over you if you choose not to let it. The story that matters most in your life is your own story about you. And that story needs to start each and every day with the mantra of self love and acceptance.

The more we live in the present moment, the more we are able to let go entirely of our stories.

The words of Louise Hay (who has recently departed the Earthly plane) are so powerful: I now choose to love and accept myself fully.

Changing negative storylines into positive.

A very powerful way to transform our own stories about ourselves is taking our negative storylines, and write their exact opposite next to each one.

  • I am lazy and never get anything finished : I take the perfect amount of time to complete my tasks and I finish what I start
  • I am hopeless with money: Each day I am growing a healthier relationship with my finances
  • No one loves me: I encounter loving people everywhere I go
  • I am a failure: I put all my efforts into my endeavours and this is the measure of my success
  • I am not good enough: I deserve a wonderful life, and I create it now
  • My life is in a shambles: I trust life and know that it brings me my highest good
  • I don’t know where I am heading: Life is unfolding perfectly in harmony with my highest good

If your negative stories are very deeply ingrained in you because you have been telling them to yourself for years, decades or even a lifetime, it may take a bit of time to make the switch.

It won’t happen overnight that your subconscious mind starts to believe the new story you are planting. But it you keep telling it each day, like a mantra, slowly the old samskara (ingrained thought pattern that has caused a mental scarring) will start to loosen, and then altogether disappear.

What are some of the tools you use to transform and transmute negative stories into positive?

Want some help in identifying your story lines and making the inner inquiry as to whether they are true and serving you? Join me on the 30 Day Journey of Self Love.

30 Days of Self Love

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