I believe that life is an ART.

We are the creators of the art of our lives. How do you want to feel? What do you need right now? I can guide you in the creation of the art of your life.

I Want To Feel Love

30 Days of Self Love

Self Love is the alchemy which will transform your life. I use my own journey to loving myself to guide you on your journey into self love through 30 days of email teachings. Each day has a story, plus a practice for that day. After the 30 days, you will have a big range of daily practices that you can integrate into your every day life to grow your self-love exponentially. Delivered to your inbox each day for thirty days.

**Love in: $25. Love out: Infinite love from here to eternity!**

I Want To Live My Fab Yoga Life

Your Fab Yoga Life

Are you a yoga teacher or an independent wellness - preneur? This course is designed to help you create the next level (or the first) of your fabulous yoga life. Co-hosted with global yogi Kim Roberts, this course is delivered in 6 modules over 8 weeks. We guide you on the inner and outer journey of creating and manifesting your fabulous yoga life, using the tools of introspection, yoga and meditation as our guides.

*Includes bonus interviews with many renowned global yogis!