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Intuitive Flow

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Penestanan Kaja
Ubud, Bali Indonesia
+62 361 977 824 www.intuitiveflow.com

“Probably the best kept secret in Bali” for nearly 5 years Linda Madani’s Intuitive Flow has been welcoming visitors around the world helping people to heal from physical and emotional pain, giving opportunity to recover, rebuild, re-think into a new life, or simply relax and rejuvenate.

Intuitive Flow offers a wide variety of programs, daily classes, yoga retreats, and teacher training programs, meditation and ancient Balinese healing techniques that integrate ancient initiation ceremonies.

Linda Madani’s studio Intuitive Flow is hidden among the rice paddies in Penestanan, an very eclectic community of artists and rice farmers in Ubud, Bali. It is an oasis of peace and tranquility, where in the evening you might be practicing yoga while listening to the frogs and the crickets as the sun sets behind the rice paddies.

Go deep and unveil your true potential. Get in touch with your true nature and discover who you really are. Enjoy the breathtaking view during your Yoga Practice in the heart of the beautiful island of gods. We treat you as a family member. Enjoy Yoga in a warm, friendly, personal environment.

Gandhi Shiva, Intuitive Flow
Alter at Intuitive Flow, Bali

It is Linda Madani’s deeper passion to pass on her deep understanding of this powerful combination of self-healing techniques, to help re-connect with the energy of the earth and the universe. Restore vital life balance, heal mind, body and spirit and bring more joy and freedom.

Our signature program Yoga Pranala has been developed by Linda Madani to provide with an opportunity to nourish, heal and transform mind, body and spirit.

Yoga Schedule

Intuitive Flow runs yoga classes every day of the week. Yoga styles taught include Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Yoga Pranala, meditation, restorative, Yin yoga and yoga nidra. Check here for this weeks schedule at Intuitive Flow. There are many different experienced yoga teachers at Intuitive Flow, Balinese and from around the world. Each teacher brings his or her unique experience and understanding of the practice, allowing students at the studio to benefit from a wide spectrum of teachings.

Intuitive Flow Studio, Bali
The beautiful wooden floored intimate studio at Intuitive Flow

Retreats and Teacher Trainings

Intuitive Flow offers retreats and teacher trainings both in Bali and around the world throughout the year.

Linda Madani, Founder of Intuitive Flow

Linda Madani, Founder of Intuitive Flow

My name is Linda Madani (born Linda Grondin) and I have the good fortune to lead yoga classes on the island of Bali, in Indonesia. I am a registered yoga teacher with the international Yoga Alliance (R.Y.T 500), a certified yoga therapist both from India and USA, as well as a spiritual healer.

I teach yoga pranala a combination of asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra pranala (Balinese qi gong) and yoga nidra to students in either English, French, Indonesian or Mandarin. A student of a Balinese shaman Cokorda Rai since 1996, I integrate the knowledge that I have received from my teacher into my own teachings.

It is with great pleasure that I share my web site and open my heart to all of you. This site is dedicated to all of you who are committed to the path of self-healing.

Watch an interview with Linda filmed on location in the garden of her studio in Bali.

From Linda’s website:

“For me yoga is a form of spiritual development, which fortifies our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. It’s not about religion but about connecting with our divine self. The divine is interpreted in many outer forms according to the different cultures within the different religions. In yoga we learn to connect our individual consciousness to the source. Yoga is complementary to any religion. Yoga is a safe place where we can all unite.

I usually start my yoga class with a practice of mudra pranala (Balinese qi gong/energy work) to train my students to switch from thinking to sensing. In a yoga pranala practice we merge our left brain functions of intellect and individual will with our right brain functions of receptivity, intuition and instinct.

The practice always begins by opening one’s heart. Only when the heart is open can the energy flow into the body and we can connect with our divine consciousness. We learn to feel, to follow and to channel the energy in our body by increasing our sensibility to the energy of mother-earth (feminine, negative) and to the energy of the universe (masculine, positive). The fusion of both poles manifests itself inside the body as prana: the life force energy. Prana and energy movements are essential for healing mind, body and spirit. In Balinese lontars, pra means first, prana power, nala inner fire and pranala circulation.

At first, it is the mind that leads the energy but eventually it is the energy that leads the mind. Once we become sensitive to the energy and allow it to flow, our life also begins to flow. There is harmony, peace, and tranquility for those who dare to go inside of themselves. We just have to be aware, to understand and to know that the divine already exists within each of us.

When our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are in alignment, we are healthy. Energy blockages in any of these bodies cause illnesses. When the different bodies are in balance, one has limitless health and energy. We need to tap into the self-healing wisdom within the energy fields of our different bodies but most importantly, we need to anchor our consciousness into the earth plane.

Yoga teaches us to go beyond our limits. As we stretch our muscles past our limit, we learn that we can go beyond the limits we have set ourselves in our life, beyond the limits of the 5 senses mind. This is the journey that I have set for myself and I wish to invite you to take it with me.

Intuitive Flow Yoga Studio, Bali
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