Why I keep coming back to the Bay of Love: An interview with Zoltán Gál

Romi Grossberg interviewed the ever-smiling ‘Zoltán’ at The Sanctuary Spa and Resort in Thailand this month. Situated on the island of Koh Phangan, Zoltán Gál has been flying over to The Sanctuary from Munich regularly for the past five years. The Sanctuary is on Haad Tien beach and is lovingly known by locals as ‘the bay of love’ or (for the lazy) just ‘the bay.’ It is a yoga, meditation, spa and holistic health resort with a twist and has something for everyone. She recently caught up with him to find out what it was about this place that brought him back once (and sometimes twice) a year.

You have been coming here for five years now, what is it that draws you to keep returning?

Obviously the magic of this place; it’s the ‘bay of love’. I was on a quest to find love and it turned out that what I was searching for the whole time was here, and the bay taught me that.

What do you like about The Sanctuary?

Firstly I love sitting around in the salas watching the ocean and talking to people (as we were for our interview with many passers by stopping to say hi). Over the years I have tried many different aspects of what The Sanctuary has to offer.

Restaurant, Sanctuary, Thailand
Restaurant, Sanctuary, Thailand

Like what?

I have done the detox which I have a great appreciation for and although I don’t do it regularly I really did love it. I have also tried the different types of yoga and go to the daily free meditations which are led by a different healer every day. I enjoy that I get to try a different style all the time. I also really enjoy the steam room.

On my first visit here I met the personal trainer and continue to work with him every time I visit. His style of personal training is amazing. It changed my life, it really did. He has designed a template that works and I have even taught other friends it in Munich. It is the most effective routine, my body shape changes and it’s fun. The structure works and once you start the routine, you always finish it which is pure genius. I just need to begin and the rest takes care of itself.

Tea Temple, Sanctuary, Thailand
Tea Temple, Sanctuary, Thailand

I love visiting the Tea Temple which is the space that holds all the workshops and private holistic sessions. I have had amazing rolfing sessions and enjoyed various workshops. I really like the holotropic breathing workshop and love the cacao and ecstatic dances.

Zoltán dancing at Sanctuary
Zoltán mid dance at Sanctuary

I even once went to a belly dancing workshop which was fun. The creative writing workshop I went to was a magic experience and I wrote down things I didn’t know I was capable of writing.

For me it totally depends on what I need at the time of each visit. Each private session or workshop always met my needs at that time.

The whole place is a workshop in itself.

Each year that you come back, are you coming for something in particular?

This trip (June 2015) was because I felt I was losing my inner connection to love, my inner guidance of how to progress in life. Being in the nature here (we are looking at both the jungle and the sea from our sala) is nurturing and gives you a good feeling. It makes you feel loved but as important are the people here and the friends you make.

On a professional level I am a psychotherapist in Munich working with individuals and facilitating group sessions. I am really interested in creating workshops on the theme of self-love. There are people living here that are really living it and I can learn from that.

Zen Hall, Sanctuary, Thailand
Zen Hall, Sanctuary, Thailand
Zoltán Gál
Zoltán Gál

Will you continue to come back every year?


I love this place. I am so grateful to be here and I am grateful that the people here that I love and respect love me back.

Zoltán Gál is a practising psychotherapist based in Munich, Germany. Visit his website to find out more about his work.

Romi Grossberg is resident writer at The Sanctuary. Passionate about using writing as a tool of expression and honesty, she originally moved from Cambodia to Sanctuary to complete writing a book on her work in the slums of Phnom Penh called ‘Hip Hop & Hope’. Visit her website for more info.

Find out about the upcoming events at The Sanctuary, Thailand on their profile page.


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  1. Nice timing, I just booked flights for a holiday trip to Samui and Phangan in September, planning to stay at Vikasa and The Sanctuary! 🙂 x

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