Yoga as a Path of Healing: An Interview with Linda Madani, Bali

I was lucky enough to interview Linda Madani on a recent trip through Bali.

French Canadian Linda Madani found her healing path more than 20 years ago in Bali: yoga. Watch the video to find out more.

On Destiny: I really felt a strong calling to stay in Bali…I travelled through South East Asia, came to Ubud, and never left…Everything always fell into place here.

On Bali: It’s really a place the supports transformation. So if you really want to work on yourself and deal with your situation, you are supported by this land.

On Yoga: It’s strange, if we eat something that doesn’t feel good, we’ll do anything to let it go. But when it comes to emotions, we don’t want to let it go. It comes up and we just surpress it. So (in class) when I see a student who is crying , who is releasing, I let them know that I’m there to help them, but I let them do that privately. Sometimes it’s not about the reason or the source (of the emotion), it’s just the release.

If you’d like to connect personally with Linda and learn from her, she has a Magical Mystical Healing Journey in India coming up in this November 2016. Click the flyer below to find out more.

Magical Mystical Healing Journey, India


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