Your Only Job is to Be You [SEED]

Propelled by love I run towards my dreams with love in my heart. Drawing by Michelle Taffe

The word for January this year is Seed. I am planting the seeds for the flowers and trees I want to nurture and grow this year.

What seeds are you planting this month? What are you wanting to grow in your life this year? What feeling states are you aligning with more and more?

For me, I am seeding unconditional love for myself and all beings, unconditional self-acceptance in every moment, the feeling of joy, gratitude (I have a daily practice of writing three things I am grateful for each day), and the state of flow, surrender and non-resistance.

The thing is that many of the things we are growing in our lives we are actually unaware of, because it is our subconscious mind, through our beliefs, which is planting the seeds. So if your subconscious mind is planting seeds of ‘I am not good enough yet to do X, Y or Z’ then this is what you will grow in your life – a feeling of not being good enough or not being ready to do what you want to do.

This is why the practice of self-love is so, so important. I know I keep coming back to this but I think it is my theme of the decade.

When we reach a a deep sense of spiritual realisation, we realise that there is no actual ‘self’, there is just consciousness. But in order to get there, first we need to deeply love and deeply respect ourselves. Because without self-love and self-respect it is much harder to tune into our intuitive guidance (which will lead us to the realisation of who we really are) because that voice is suppressed in us through fear, ego, or moulding ourselves based on what we perceive others / society wants us to be.

Your only real ‘job’ in this life is to be you. That’s it.

But being you can sometimes it can be a monumental task because of the very powerful way in which we have all been conditioned.

In school we learn that we need to work hard and get good marks on all our assignments, collect honours and awards, and compete with others to be the best.

We are not taught how to love ourselves, we are not taught that we are perfect and beautiful just as we are.

We are not taught that there is no such thing as competition really, because we are all unique.

We are not taught that essentially we are all here together on Earth just to be ourselves, and love and care for each other and the planet.

That would be too simple, too easy! Instead we are asked to prove ourselves and our worth over and over again through a school system (and then a society) based on ego (competition). No wonder many of us come out the other side of that confused!

Undoing all of that conditioning is no simple task. But it is the only path to discovering who you really are and to being able to just be you – freely, simply and magnificently.

I will say it again: Your only job here on Earth is to be you.

You have come with gifts to give and insights to share, and this is all that you need to do. You have come with a message to impart, and you need to share it. But underneath all of this, you are an energy resonating at a certain frequency, harmonising and enhancing the music of life.

You are an essential part in the symphony, and your voice needs to be heard, because without it the orchestra is missing something.

I have been working with some of the affirmations from the brilliant Florence Scovel Shinn, who inspired Louise Hay among many others. The important thing about affirmations is that you need to really feel them in your body. Your whole being needs to be in agreement with them, in order for them to seep down into your subconscious and then become your reality (a new belief). If you are having trouble with really feeling an affirmation, try wording it differently or even saying it more slowly. Here are some of the seeds that Florence suggests you plant in your subconscious (she uses ‘God’ while I prefer to use the ‘Divine’):

Prosperity: The Divine is my unfailing supply and large sums of money come to me quickly, under grace, in perfect ways.

Perfect Self Expression: Every plan the Divine has not planned shall be dissipated and the Divine idea now comes to pass.

Intuition: I am divinely sensitive to my intuitive leads and give instant obedience to Divine will.

Abundance: I have a perfect work, for a perfect pay, I give a perfect service, for a perfect pay.

The truth is that you are Stronger than you ever imagined, you are as Beautiful as the sky, you are as Divine as the greatest Buddha ever incarnated, and when you are fully, completely, unashamedly and unapologetically you, you are as Powerful as a supernova.

If you had just a month left on the Earth, what would you change in your life to start being more of yourself?

  • How would you speak to yourself?
  • What would you stop doing?
  • What would you start doing?
  • Who would you stop seeing?
  • Who might you reach out to?
  • What boundaries would you put in place?
  • What project would you launch or complete?
  • What adventure would you go on?
  • Who would you tell that you loved?

What belief seeds will you plant today to grow your desired experiences and relationships?

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2 Responses to Your Only Job is to Be You [SEED]

  1. I just found this site thru the joy meditation on insight timer. Thank you for reminding me about all the joy in the world. I focus on all the pain and suffering

  2. Hi Patricia! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and let me know. So happy that you were able to have this realisation through my meditation. Yes, what we focus on in life is what grows. So I hope the meditation helps you to shift focus from pain and suffering to joy and happiness. Then this will grow for you. 🙂

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