With an English major’s brain and a wondering spirit, Chelle has been ‘floating the world’ as her Grandmother says, since she was able to buy her first international plane ticket, aged 20, for her first trip out of Australia to Thailand. With a ticket to Paris and dreams of becoming a ‘European”, this first big journey was stopped in its tracks by an episode of psychosis in Israel, a traumatic but at the same time mind opening experience which opened her up to the many different realms of human consciousness and to the all pervasive influence of mind over matter.

On recovery and healing from this experience. she rebuilt her life, completed her Bachelor of Arts degree, followed by a Grad Dip in Applied Media and once again embarked on a long journey, ending up spending ten years living in the Catalan regions of Spain. After exploring a range of professions, from web development to English teaching, bar tending and cheffing on super yachts in the Mediterranean, she launched her first business, The Global Yogi – an online magazine profiling the yoga and spiritual teachings, teachers and events around the world – while on a couch surfing trip in Eastern Europe.  

With a deep passion for writing and communication but few business skills, she struggled to make the business work financially and decided to switch from promoting others’ events to running her own, becoming a qualified yoga and meditation teacher in 2017.

Today Chelle’s sees herself as a soul doula, helping people to birth their most authentic selves through the practices of yoga and meditation fuelled by creativity in many forms. Her offerings include Radical Self Love Retreats, Sound Medicine Journeys, Inner Freedom Silent Meditation Workshops and Retreats as well as her online Rise community that meets monthly. 

The You-Ni-Verse

Really going deep into creative practice has helped Chelle understand that there is nothing to fix or change about us. We are all perfectly imperfect humans, and essentially the journey of life is a journey of integration – bringing all of our parts to the table, and allowing our fullest self expression in all spheres of life. 

Creative practice through art, music and writing is a great way to access our subconscious mind and become an open channel for guidance from the universe to us. In this way we start to notice that everything really is inside of us. We are our own You-Ni-Verse, and all we have to do is to explore it and allow it to speak through us. 

Chelle’s professional qualifications are as below.

  • Bachelor of Arts (English Literature and Classical History, Monash University, 1997)
  • Grad Dip Applied Media (Swinburne University, 1998)
  • RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher (Samma Karuna School of Awakening and Healing, Thailand, 2017)
  • Certified Reiki Level I + II Healer (Margot Brock, St Kilda, Melbourne, 2017 + 2019)
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher (Mindfulness Works Australia, 2018)
  • Facilitator at Vipassana Meditation Retreat (Wat Kow Tham Monastery, Thailand, 2013 / 2017)

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Hi from to top of Les waterfall in Bali! I'm Chelle, and here at The Global Yogi, I support you on the inner and outer journeys of life. The 'outer journeys' are Radical Self Love retreats in Bali, Italy and Thailand, which include yoga, meditation and inner work – designed to support your 'inner journey' to loving yourself fully and shining your brightest light in the world.


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