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About Us

The Global Yogi provides yoga and meditation retreats in person around the world.

We are dedicated to bringing you life changing yoga and meditation retreats to help you to explore your inner self while at the same time enjoying fantastic destinations around the world.

It’s all about the inner and outer adventure of life!

The Global Yogi was founded by Australian yoga and meditation teacher, musician and writer, Michelle Elise Taffe.

About Michelle Taffe

From an early age, I suffered from intermittent depression and anxiety, and by my early twenties, I thought that this was just ‘how life was’. When I was 29, I had an epiphany – waking up one day with the suspicion that perhaps this was not ‘how life was’ but rather how I was. I thought there must be another way to live, I just needed to discover it. So I packed up my whole life and went to a small island in Thailand to do my first Vipassana silent meditation retreat.

Since completing that first retreat in 2005 i have completed two more, at the same monastery in Thailand in 2013 and 2017, the last two as yoga teacher and then facilitator. My life transformation began at that point, and it has been an amazing journey in the fifteen years since then. As a result of the transformation I have experienced through these practices, I now dedicate my life to helping others to awaken to their inner light and find their own path out of suffering.

Since that first retreat, I have a daily sitting meditation practice based in the Vipassana (insight meditation) tradition. I also have a daily yoga practice which is based on the Ashtanga primary series, and qualified as a 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher at Samma Karuna School for Awakening and Healing in Thailand in 2017. I have also completed my Reiki I + II Certification, and am qualified to give hands on Reiki treatments.

My greatest teacher has always been my inner self, and I have learned the most through working through my own traumas and gradually healing into a healthy and happy human being. Of course this is a lifelong process and I will never claim to be ‘done’! or ‘cooked’ as some of the meditation teachers say.

My professional qualifications are as below.

  • Bachelor of Arts (English Literature and Classical History, Monash University, 1997)
  • Grad Dip Applied Media (Swinburne University, 1998)
  • RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher (Samma Karuna School of Awakening and Healing, Thailand, 2017)
  • Certified Reiki Level I + II Healer (Margot Brock, St Kilda, Melbourne, 2017 + 2019)
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher (Mindfulness Works Australia, 2018)
  • Facilitator at Vipassana Meditation Retreat (Wat Kow Tham Monastery, Thailand, 2013 / 2017)

It brings me great joy to be able to assist others in the deep and courageous journey into wholeness, healing and integration, because the life transformations that result are so fantastic.

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