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Beautiful emails produced for you each month, with all of your news and updates, professionally laid out and written, without paying huge marketing agency fees!

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Getting your monthly marketing done SHOULD NOT make you pull your hair out or be super expensive and make you want to rip up your invoices!

Your email marketing should be professional, clear, beautiful AND it should CONVERT into sales for you.

Do you know how to create the perfect template for your monthly News?

Do you know which are the juicy items of interest from your centre which will spark interest?

Do you know how to professionally edit the best images to include in your news?

And do you know how to write compelling copy quickly and easily which grabs your readers' attention, and turns interested prospects into clients?

Email Marketing is a LOT of work, and since you are not a communications professional, why should you have to focus your skills and energy on this, rather than your core passion - the reason why you decided to launch your business and actually transform people's lives?

What if you could take care of your monthly email newsletter plus one key content piece (article or image) for around (US) $200 per month??

Meet Ofir

Ofir is running a retreats business with her partner Yigal. Her passion is awakening, and helping people to become free from inner negativity so that they can live fully conscious awakened lives.

Ofir was doing all of the marketing herself, including designing her email templates, and writing the emails in English, her second language! In between grappling with the intricacies of auto-scheduling in Mailchimp and learning Photoshop, she had to prepare a sumptuous vegetarian lunch for her guests.

I came in to help Ofir by designing a streamlined template for her in Mailchimp, helping her with content strategy and article writing, and we also edited all of her blog posts to correct any small English glitches.

How it Works

1. Sign Up

Commit to supercharging your marketing and free yourself up to focus on your business.

2. We Design Your Template

Get a perfect Mailchimp template designed or redesigned for you, suited to your exact marketing needs.

3. Schedule Your Content

We create one content piece for you each month; an article, image or an audio recording.

4. Sit Back and Relax

We create your email for you with relevant content that converts to bookings and sales.

5. Monthly Review Based on Measurable Data

We send you a report on what worked, what was clicked, and what converted. We check in with you on any changes and tweaks needed based on these results.

Hi, I'm Michelle. I am a writer and content creator and I've been creating magnetic content for clients for years.

From 2011 - 2017 I produced TheGlobalYogi.com as a monthly online wellness magazine, promoting retreat centres, yoga teachers and spiritual destinations worldwide. I have been an email marketing contractor for one of the biggest charities in Australia (NBCF), responsible for curating dazzling missives and pressing the 'send' button to 200,000 subscribers nation-wide. I am known for my unique combination of writing skills, marketing savvy and tech know-how. One of my interviews for a healer friend brought her repeat business for years after the article was published. My articles have been published in Yoga Journal Australia, Living Now, Elephant Journal and elsewhere. I'm also a yoga and meditation teacher, so I have deep knowledge of the work of healers, yogis and the like. This translates to: I speak your language!

Arts Degree (English Major) - Honours
Graduate Diploma in Applied Media (Web Design + Multimedia)
20 Years experience in digital media
Past Positions as Webmaster + HTML Programmer
Triligual / International work experience
Qualified Yoga Teacher (200 Hour) + Reiki Master (Level I + II)
Qualified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

Some Happy Clients

"It was really helpful having Michelle's support for our online content. With her experience in writing and marketing we could showcase more of our offer and improve our online appearance. Michelle's pictures, videos and writing are delightful and she is equipped with ideas to enhance the message you would like to spread to your community.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to get started in this big field of online marketing."

Brigitta Drogge, Co-Founder / Owner,
Galaxy Jungle Huts, Goa, India.

"I highly recommend working with Michelle Taffe. After an impactful article written about me, I received countless clients. I am very grateful as not only was it many clients but the way Michelle wrote the article it also attracted the right type of clients for me."

~ Erika Johannson, Theta Healer,
TAKSU Healing Haven, Ubud, Bali

“Michelle has a real talent in writing an abundance of articles for Happy Buddha Retreats. Her themed Reflections emails were thought provoking and insightful - a real hit for our readers and increased the top of mind retreat awareness.”

~ Claire Chow, Owner of Connect4Social,
Marketing Manager for Happy Buddha Retreats, NSW, Australia

What you Get:


Peace of mind that all your needs are taken care of


Your precious time back to focus on your core business


A sounding board for your content each month


A feeling that you are no longer alone in this marketing thing


Regular stats: email opens, conversions, what worked, what didn't


Brainstorming for future content ideas


Professional articles, created and completed with no fuss


More engaged followers = More clients for your business

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or you will get your money back. We work with you each month until you are completely happy with the content and the email, and only then do we schedule your send.

A Selection of my Client Work

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Monthly Marketing

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