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‘Divino Amore’ Yoga Retreat, Italy

July 18 - July 25

€1079 – €1239
'Divino Amore' Radical Self Love Retreat - The Global Yogi, Italy 2020

Is Italy your happy place? Or do you think it just might be? Italy is a country that opens your heart each and every time you visit, and that happens every more quickly in Southern Italy, which is a combination of stunning nature, relaxed, open hearted people, delicious food, gorgeous beaches and oh – one particularly amazing yoga retreat in the heel of the Italian boot in Salento.

Apricots in abundance at Yoga in Salento's orchard!
Apricots in abundance at Yoga in Salento’s orchard!

Yoga in Salento in an amazing yoga retreat and an ‘agroturismo’ – that means a kind of farmstay in Italian. They have an incredible veggie garden on site, plus an orchard of fruit trees, not to mention a luscious bed of herbs which season all of the delicious food on offer here. Did I mention the food? Much of the vegetarian and vegan food here is sourced from their own gardens, and it’s some of the best food I have ever tasted at any yoga retreat (and I have been to a lot of those!). Dishes here range from Italian mediterranean style, to Arab influenced – humus and delightful dips and chick pea salads, to Marrocan as well as Asian influences like vegetarian sushi.

The yoga shalas here are both beautiful and light, one is a stand alone big shala outside, and another is within the main (stone) building and graced with aesthetically and soulfully pleasing archers and vaults. Accommodation is comfortable – in rooms with shared or ensuite bathrooms, and outside of your window you might just find a peach tree!

There is a big swimming sized pool here, which is handing in the hot summer months, and around the pool is a lovely grassy area with hammocks and deck chairs, ideal to relax and chill out after a strong morning yoga practice.

Are you ready to enjoy the fruits of Southern Italy while going inwards through yoga and meditation and learning to amplify your Self-Love for a more juicier experience of life?

Then do join us in Italy in July 2020 for this ‘Divino Amore’ Radical Self Love Retreat at the beautiful Yoga in Salento, in Southern Italy.


Yoga in Salento, Italy
The main building of the Yoga in Salento Retreat


The pool and gardens of Yoga in Salento


Why Radical Self Love?

Self-love is the heart of a healthy life.

If you don’t love and care for yourself, you are not able to love and care for others.

In order to give to others we need first to fill our own cups with self-love and self-care.

There are lots of reasons why we may not be as loving towards ourselves as we could be, usually because we learnt our models of loving ourselves through our parents and caregivers who most likely had their own difficulties with loving themselves. In order to love ourselves fully we need to develop an ongoing loving relationship with ourselves.

That means:

  • We let go of self judgement,
  • We fully accept ourselves,
  • We honour ourselves and where we are on life’s journey,
  • We forgive ourselves quickly and easily for our mistakes,
  • We develop a relationship with our inner child,
  • We listen to our hearts,
  • We follow our intuition and
  • We develop loving and healthy relationships with others.

We will be diving into all of these themes during this retreat in our Self Love workshop sessions. Tools we will use include: group sharing (nobody is ever obliged to share), journalling, narrative therapy (re-framing our stories), eye gazing meditations, and guided meditations.

We will be investigating obstacles to self love such as:

  • People pleasing
  • Not going after your dreams (why? – staying safe and not being too ‘big’)
  • Childhood patterns of relating based on family relating systems and patterns
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Self worth and where it comes from (Hint: it’s inherent – we can’t get it from outside us).


Yoga and Meditation Practices

The yoga offered on this retreat will be Ashtanga Vinyasa style yoga suitable for those who already have a regular yoga practice, whether it’s Ashtanga of Hatha or another style.

We will be investigating all the different postures from the perspective of self love and self care, with the aim that you can come away from the retreat with a yoga practice for yourself that you can do at home.

Our meditations will be focused on staying present with the breath and becoming mindful of the bodily sensations as they arise and fall away, thus bringing us into harmony with the present moment.

There will also be daily guided meditations on self-love relating to the theme of each day.

We will be praticising Insight Meditation each morning (from the Buddhist Vipassana tradition). Each morning we will build on our meditation practice from the previous day. Some sessions will be guided breathing mediations, and others will be fully guided meditation practice.

In the afternoons we will be doing a yin based or restorative yoga practice.



Yoga in Salento
The small Yoga Shala in the main building at Yoga in Salento

Why Italy?

You can do yoga and meditation anywhere, so why would you come here to do it?

As I mentioned above, Italy is a special country for me, and I believe it’s a place where the people are naturally heart centred. There is a joy for life a living the ‘bella vita’ which is contagious here. If you are needing a boost in joy and pleasure in your life, Italy is the perfect place. There is a reason why Elizabeth Gilbert made Italy her first stop on her ‘Eat Pray Love’ world tour. Italian people do know how to enjoy life, take pleasure in food, good company and good times, and live in the moment.

I believe each country has a particular gift to offer the world (just like each person has a gift to offer) and I think the gift of Italy is to enjoy. So this is why it’s the perfect place to come for a yoga retreat around the theme of Self Love. Because if you can’t enjoy yourself – and appreciate your own body, mind and spirit, then it’s hard to enjoy anything else. Italy helps us to keep our focus on the important things – good company, good food, sharing our love, and keeping active and fit in the process.



The dishes at Yoga in Salento’s restaurant, Samadhi Cafe – the Sun Kitchen are prepared almost exclusively with ingredients from our organic farm offering total

Yoga in Salento produce
Produce fresh from the organic garden!

freshness. The kitchen uses the onsite produce of fruits, vegetables, and organic extra virgin olive oil made. The fruits and vegetables on offer are seasonal, and the chefs use a variety of cereals and vegetable protein, all combined with the ‘superfood‘ natural products ‘lesser known’ (miso, seaweed, spirulina, tofu, seitan) in order to balance the nutritional intake and balance we need.

Samadhi Cafe, the Sun Kitchen, is fully-dedicated to a healthy, balanced, organic cookery and is curated by international experts in natural vegetarian and vegan cooking. In the preparation of their dishes, they will try anything that goes beyond the concept of ‘good’ and ‘typical’: a diet that is tasty but also healthy, creating natural recipes, light and balanced. Tasty and healthy are synonyms at YIS: this is our starting point in the preparation of every dish.

(Info courtesy of the Yoga in Salento website.)




“Depending on what we eat, we experience which are the foods that give us energy, lightness and flexibility and which weigh us, making us rigid and lazy. The health begins from the plate. The food style we follow is essentially made up by fresh food in order to keep the body in balance and the mind clear and lucid. In a word, ‘sattvic’ food that leads to true happiness: vitality, lightness, and satiety, calm mind, a fit physique, a stream of energy that flows in harmony.

Embracing the cardinal principles which are common to the Slow Food philosophy, macrobiotics, and Ayurveda, we offer a menu of authentic delicacies. Our goal is to excel in all our services and in this case we love to put in your dish the best that Mother Nature gives us every day.”

From the Yoga in Salento website.


Yoga in Salento, Italy
The beautiful restaurant – ‘Samadhi Cafe’ at Yoga in Salento retreat


Sample Daily Schedule

  • 7 – 8am: Sitting Meditation
  • 8 – 10am: Yoga Practice
  • 10 am: Brunch
  • 11 – 1:30pm: Self Love Workshop – Journalling / Group Work / Inner Alchemy
  • 1:30 – 5pm: Free time / Explore Zollino / Healing / Massage Sessions at the on site Spa
  • 5:00 – 6:00pm: Restorative or Yin Yoga
  • 7 pm: Dinner
  • 8 – 8:30: Evening Program (Meditation / Piano /  Kirtan (Mantra)

One one afternoon during this retreat we will be going on an excursion to the town of Lecce for some coffee and shopping and to a nearby beach for a swim and to explore Southern Italian beach culture. 🙂


Venue: Yoga in Salento



Yoga in Salento is a magical yoga retreat tucked into the heel of the boot in Southern Italy in the stunning region of Puglia (Apulia).

An abundant region in terms of produce, Yoga in Salento is also blessed with a beautiful veggie garden that is overflowing with lush eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, onions, potatoes and herbs that all come straight from the ground and into the kitchen to be prepared for your lunches. There is a lap sized pool on site surrounded by a lovely garden complete with grassed areas and hammocks for chilling under a tree with a book after your Self Love Workshop session.


Main Shala, Yoga in Salento
The big Yoga Shala, just near the restaurant

The main yoga shala (left) is located in the garden right next to the Samadhi Sun Kitchen. In the morning you can see the sun rise through the windows as you are doing your practice.

The founder of Yoga in Salento, Francesca Maniglio is a teacher from the Ashtanga lineage, and has dedicated her life to spreading the benefits of this practice through Yoga in Salento.

Everything here is carefully thought out from start to finish to support your yoga practice and your optimal physical, mental and emotional health.


Nearby the venue is the beautiful town of Lecce, a white paved wonder full of beautiful little boutiques and hidden eateries, perfect for a wander in a summer evening. And if you like beaches, there are some beautiful hideaway spots on the coastline here where you can enjoy a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


The rooms are located on the large estate, divided into three apartments and the main building with a portico that was completed in July 2011 that overlook the antique villa.

The rooms are air conditioned and it is possible to select the desired temperature: air conditioning during the summer and heating during the winter to be as comfortable as possible at all times.

Rooms, with private or shared bathroom (1 bathroom each 2 rooms) are located within the large estate in the ancient manor house, in three different apartments and in a central building with porch completed in July 2011 that overlooks the ancient villa. If you are planning to come alone, you can still share a room: Yoga in Salento will find you a roommate!


Zollino station
The lovely little train station at Zollino – just a few minutes walk from YIS.


Yoga in Salento is located in walking distance from the charming town of Zollino, in the province of Puglia in Southern Italy.

The closest big town is Lecce, and you can catch a train from Lecce which leaves you at the station in Zollino and takes just a half hour. You can also get a train from Rome to Lecce / Zollino, which takes around 6 hours.

The closest airport to Zollino is Brindisi, which is just a 45 minute drive away.

Salento is a part of the area known as Grecia Salentina, in ancient times this was a region where many Greek people settled. This area is still inhabited by the Griko people, an ethnic Greek minority left over from these times, who speak Griko, a dialect of Greek.

Zollino is one of eleven towns that form the ‘Union of the Towns of Grecìa Salentina’ (Unione dei Comuni della Grecìa Salentina), which consists of eleven towns and forms part of the province of Lecce in the administrative area of Apulia (Puglia), and was founded by the Griko population in 1966. The purpose of this union was to promote the knowledge of Griko and preserve its culture.



On Site Spa

The following healing treatments and massages are available at the on site Spa. And there is an opportunity each afternoon to book yourself in for a treatment.*

*This is extra cost and is not included in the retreat price.

  • Reflexology:
  • Reiki
  • “Deep Tissue” Massage:
  • Osteopathic massage
  • Ayurvedic massage full body
  • Thai massage
  • Shiatsu massage


Yoga in Salento Spa
Ayurvedic treatments at Yoga in Salento Spa


Salento Region and Surrounds


“Salento is a coffer rich of inestimable treasures: medieval white stone villages built perpendicularly to the sea, innumerable evidences of ancient civilization, country churches, Romanesque Cathedrals, monumental Basilicas, “federician” castles, archaeological areas (dolmen, menhir), uncontaminated oases, millenary olive groves, park and sea reserves, splendid caves, the Baroque art, sacred and pagan sites, local fairs, folk music feasts, perfumes and tastes and the deliciousness of an authentic and genuine kitchen.”


(Courtesy of the Yoga in Salento website).

The town of Salento, on the Puglian coast

Want to know more? Read my article: 10 Reasons to visit Yoga in Salento!

Register Your Interest

Price and Booking Info

Get in quick because there are limited spaces on this retreat!

Total price for this retreat is from €1095 – € 1135, depending on the room you choose.

First you choose and book your accommodation with Yoga in Salento, then you pay € 500 to The Global Yogi for the teachings.

– in a double room with private bathroom: € 635
– in a double room with shared bathroom: € 515
– in a triple room with private bathroom: € 495

SINGLE SUPPLEMENT                        € 110


 Rates include:
– 6 nights and daily room cleaning
– 5 vegetarian organic brunches
– 6 vegetarian organic dinners
– 1 vegetarian organic breakfasts on departure day
– yoga mats and props
– YIS staff assistance


This sum is payable direct to The Global Yogi once you have booked your accommodation with Yoga in Salento.


You can contact YIS for pick up and drop off from Brindisi Airport or Lecce Train Station

  • From Brindisi Airport: € 60 for 1 person, € 70 for two people or € 80 for 3 people.
  • From Lecce Train Station: € 30 for 1 person, € 40 for two people € 45 for 3 people.


Please Contact Me in the first instance for any queries regarding this retreat.


Yoga in Salento, Italy
Via Stazione, 116
Zollino, Lecce 73010 Italy
+ Google Map
39 0836 600 284

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