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Radical Self Love Yoga and Meditation Retreat, Bali

September 22 @ 8:00 am - September 28 @ 5:00 pm

AUD $1250 – AUD $1450
Radical Self Love Retreat, The Global Yogi, September 2020

Is it time for you to bask in the light of your own perfect rainbow?

Are you ready to love yourself truly, madly and deeply ad transform your life from the inside out?

Then join us in Bali at the beautiful Bali Sandat Guesthouse for a week of Radical Self Love! I can’t guarantee this rainbow will appear at the waterfall on the day we visit, but I will pray to the Balinese Gods that it does 🙂

Over these 7 days and 6 nights we will be dedicated to reconnecting with ourselves, and learning to love and care for ourselves in brand new ways.

We will be practicing yoga, meditation and connecting deeply with the breath each day.

We will use Ayurvedic teachings and understandings of the human mind body system for creating vibrant health, introspection and journalling practices for self-exploration and self-discovery and there will be optional Reiki and Massage treatments on offer as well.

Why Radical Self Love?

Self-love is the heart of a healthy life.

If you don’t love and care for yourself, you are not able to love and care for others.

In order to give to others we need first to fill our own cups with self-love and self-care.

There are lots of reasons why we may not be as loving towards ourselves as we could be, usually because we learnt our models of loving ourselves through our parents and caregivers who most likely had their own difficulties with loving themselves. In order to love ourselves fully we need to develop an ongoing loving relationship with ourselves.

That means:

  • We let go of self judgement,
  • We fully accept ourselves
  • We honour ourselves and where we are on life’s journey,
  • We forgive ourselves quickly and easily for our mistakes,
  • We develop a relationship with our inner child,
  • We listen to our hearts,
  • We follow our intuition and
  • We develop loving and healthy relationships with others.

We will be diving into all of these themes during this retreat in our Self Love workshop sessions. Tools we will use include: group sharing (nobody is ever obliged to share), journalling, narrative therapy (re-framing our stories), eye gazing meditations, and guided meditations.

We will be investigating obstacles to self love such as:

  • People pleasing
  • Not going after your dreams (why? – staying safe and not being too ‘big’)
  • Childhood patterns of relating based on family relating systems and patterns
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Self worth and where it comes from (Hint: it’s inherent – we can’t get it from outside us).


Yoga and Meditation Practices

Ground floor main house, Double Room with Ensuite Bathroom
Ground Floor main house, Twin Room with Ensuite
Kupu Kupu House with Two Double Beds, possibility of another mattress and Ensuite Bathroom
Upstairs Twin Room with Ensuite Bathroom
Upstairs Double Room with Ensuite Bathroom
BS_room Ground floor main house, Double Room with Ensuite Bathroom Ground Floor main house, Twin Room with Ensuite Kupu Kupu House with Two Double Beds, possibility of another mattress and Ensuite Bathroom Upstairs Twin Room with Ensuite Bathroom Room_2 Upstairs Double Room with Ensuite Bathroom Room_2

The yoga offered on this retreat will be Hatha style yoga suitable for all body types and all levels of practice.

We will be investigating all the different postures from the perspective of self love and self care, with the aim that you can come away from the retreat with a yoga practice for yourself that you can do at home.

Our meditations will be focused on staying present with the breath and becoming mindful of the bodily sensations as they arise and fall away, thus bringing us into harmony with the present moment.

There will also be daily guided meditations on self-love relating to the theme of each day.

We will be praticising Insight Meditation each morning (from the Buddhist Vipassana tradition). Each morning we will build on our meditation practice from the previous day. Some sessions will be guided breathing mediations, and others will be fully guided meditation practice.

We will be practicing Hatha Yoga suitable for all body types and all levels of yoga practice.

Each morning we will build on the previous day’s practice, slowly adding deeper versions of each posture. We will practice in the yoga shala right in front of the beach in Bali Sandat.

In the afternoons we will be doing a yin based or restorative yoga practice.

Find out more about Michelle’s background and teaching experience here.


Sample Daily Schedule

  • 7-7.30: Sitting Meditation
  • 7.30 – 9: Yoga Practice
  • 9am: Breakfast
  • 10 – 10:30: Free Time (Swim, Read, Relax)
  • 10:30 – 12: Self Love Workshop – Journalling / Group Work / Inner Alchemy
  • 12:30: Lunch + Free time
  • 5:00 – 6pm : Restorative or Yin Yoga
  • 6:30: Dinner
  • 7:30 – 8:00: Kirtan (Mantra) Singing (on the last evening)

Venue: Bali Sandat Guesthouse, Bondalem, North Bali

Main guesthouse at Bali Sandat with Twin Room and Double room on top floor and bottom floor.


Bali Sandat is a gorgeous gem in the quiet side of the island, North Bali. A boutique guesthouse, it offers guests a really intimate and truly Balinese experience.

Situated in the quiet region of North Bali, here we are far from the madding crowds of the touristy Bali. There is no surf here on the Northside, with just gentle waves lapping onto the shore, so this makes it perfect also for swimming and snorkelling. In the early evenings you will here songs wafting over from the local temples on the hills nearby, which are a beautiful accompaniment to the balmy Balinese evenings and give a feeling of otherwordly-ness – you are in a place where the local people have direct contact and relations with the spirit world and you can really feel this in Bali.

View towards Bali Sandat Guesthouse from the sea
Beach out front with fishing boats and the sign for Bali Sandat


There are some nearby neighbours here are residential yoga retreats, so you will likely bump into some like minded people from around the world on the beach. But don’t worry, it is far from crowded. This really is a hidden secret of Bali and you will feel far away from the hustle and bustle of hot spots like Canguu, Ubud and Kuta.

Staff at Bali Sandat

The Staff at Bali Sandat Guesthouse
The lovely Staff at Bali Sandat – Nyoman, Made, Iloh, Komang, Kadek and Nyoman

At Bali Sandat the staff are like family. Some of them live on site, and most of them have been working for Bali Sandat since it opened twenty years ago. There is a beautiful atmosphere amongst them and a really strong family spirit. Togetherness and harmony among people who live and work together is highly valued in Balinese culture.

The staff at Bali Sandat take care of everything. Each morning they start with preparing offerings and making them at the temple on the beach as well as all around the house and garden. And in true Balinese tradition they repeat this process a few times a day.

It is just as important (or actually, when you get down to it – more important) to take care of the connection with spirit and the other worlds as it is to care for our physical and material wellbeing.

In Balinese culture everything starts with our spiritual connection to the Gods, self and others, and life flows from there. So that’s why this is a wonderful place to do a Self-Love retreat.



The rooms at Bali Sandat are stylishly decorated and they all have a tiled patio (or balcony on upper levels) out the front with a hammock, perfect for relaxing in and listening to the lap of the waves against the beach just 50 metres or so away.

There is two twin rooms in the main guesthouse (pic above) and two double rooms. In a separate house there are two double beds and a third bed can be put in this house.

Every room has an ensuite bathroom, which is enclosed but open (no roof) so at night you get to have a shower under the stars! The climate in Bali is always warm so don’t worry about catching a cold.

The beach itself is a stunning black sand beach, perfect for swimming. If you take out a snorkel and mask you will be sure to see some of the many tropical fish swimming around the underwater grottoes.


Delicious Fresh Balinese and Indonesian Food

Kim and Lindsey at lunch at Bali Sandat


Dinner at Bali Sandat
Dinner with Maryanne, Scotty, Kim, Michelle and Lindsey at Bali Sandat
Delicious Indonesian style tempe and salad at Bali Sandat

Food served at Bali Sandat for this retreat is lovingly prepared by chef Kadek and is healthy vegetarian lunches and dinners, sourced from local organic produce, and cooked in Balinese style.

For breakfast abundant tropical fruits are on offer, with muesli and yogurt.

For lunch there are freshly prepared soups, salads and Balinese curries (pumpkin, spinach, yam etc.).

Dinner is light – with fresh soups or salads made from seasonal produce sourced straight to the market.

Coconut water and fresh juices are available all throughout the day.


Activities on Offer and Excursion Day


There are lots of extra curricular activities possible at Bali Sandat during the afternoon free time, if you are up for some adventures. Swimming and snorkelling at the beach right out the front is possible, with snorkels and flippers available. It’s also possible to go on a fishing trip or a dolphin spotting boat trip led by the fishermen.

On the second last day of our retreat, we go on an excursion together either to a waterfall, or hot springs – depending on what people are interested in, as well as a temple, or the twin lakes Bulan and Bratan. The nature here in North Bali is stunning, with spectacular waterfalls, and incredible views from the mountains.


Testimonials from Past Participants

“Attending Michelle’s Radical Self Love Retreat in Bali was an amazing experience, perfectly timed, and delivered all I was seeking and more. The location was perfect and I felt warmly welcomed and deeply nurtured from the moment I arrived until the moment I left.

Michelle created a beautiful, open, loving, safe space for me to connect with myself in ways I hadn’t realised that I could or even needed.

I very much enjoyed the daily yoga and meditation practices which served to help connect with my mind and body in ways I hadn’t before and by the end of the 6 days had me feeling very pleased with my achievements and confident to continue my practice once back home.

I absolutely loved the daily self-love workshops and gained so much from them. Michelle covered so many meaningful topics which guided me to some powerful realisations and an overall deepening love and appreciation for myself.

Michelle is a lovely being and an amazing facilitator who is so clearly living and growing in self-love and who is also deeply drawn to helping others to dive deeper into themselves and deeper into their own self-loving journeys.

I would absolutely join another of Michelle’s retreats, and for anyone seeking a safe, loving space to connect with oneself on a deeper level, I’d highly recommend attending.”

Marianne Xola GalvánRadical Self Love Retreat, Bali, April 2019


“I found the overall RSL retreat to be so inspiring and it has assisted me to become more grounded and connected with myself. My teacher, Michelle Taffe, was excellent at bringing people together in a workshop environment, in terms of connecting both with themselves and with each other as a group.

I felt a strong bond develop as the retreat progressed, within the group, that enabled us all to relax more, to open up as a group on emotional and personal, even in a sense spiritual, levels.

Michelle is also a great yoga and meditation teacher; she is patient, communicates very well, and demonstrates yoga practice and meditation on both spiritual and physical platforms, in a connected, calming, supportive and inspiring way. I would really encourage individuals who wish to explore and develop self love , as well as to enhance their yoga and meditation techniques, to attend one of Michelle’s RSL retreats. Apart from the fact that she chooses great locations in which to open up an ambient space for RSL exploration!”

Kim BoursfieldRadical Self Love Retreat, Bali, April 2019


“I joined Michelle for her Radical Self Love yoga and meditation retreat, and I am so glad I did.

The weekend consisted of meditation, workshops and yoga – all of which were challenging, and subsequently more rewarding. Michelle created a programme that fostered deep reflection and subsequently garnered profound personal insights. 

As a very private person I thought I would be uncomfortable given the personal nature of the workshops, but Michelle created a warm, non judgemental, accepting space in which I felt comfortable sharing, and getting deep into the heart of things. 

The time I spent with Michelle was really valuable, and many changes have come about in my life as a result.”

Thanks Michelle! X”

Annette CarlingRadical Self Love Retreat, Victoria, June 2018


“Michelle’s Radical Self Love retreat in Bali (August 2019) was perfectly timed.  Physically and mentally drained, it was time to put myself first, but how?  We are so conditioned to go, go, go.  Mother, wife, employee.  We do what we need to do.  But what about us?  How do we take care of ourselves?  The retreat gave me the opportunity to reset and begin the rest of my life.

Commencing the day with meditation is amazing.  So calming.  Let everything go and start each day fresh.  Follow up meditation with yoga to get your mind and body feeling strong and refreshed.  Complete focus on yourself.

The self love classes caused me to really dig deep and be honest with myself.  It is time to accept who I am, flaws and all.  Be proud of who I am and where I am at in my life.  Hold my head up high and live life to the fullest.  Create the life for myself that I deserve. Deal with that ‘negative voice’ in my head rationally and importantly, don’t take life too seriously; roll with the punches.  Be present each day, stop planning for 2, 5, 15 years time. Enjoy each day, relax, take time to just be. Give myself permission to enjoy life and do the things that I love to do.

The venue is really comfortable and relaxing. Up at sunrise, bed at sunset, so natural.  Spend free time relaxing in a hammock, going for a walk, snorkelling in search of fish, or having a massage.

I came home very relaxed and determined to continue my new way of life. I can thoroughly recommend attending. I can’t wait for Michelle to schedule a retreat in India.”

Jenny DabornRadical Self Love, Bali, August 2019

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September 22 @ 8:00 am
September 28 @ 5:00 pm
AUD $1250 – AUD $1450
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Bali Sandat
Bondalem, Bali Indonesia + Google Map

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