Radical Self Love: An Inner Transformation

About This Course

This course will help you learn to love yourself, and if you already do love yourself, it will help you to deepen your relationship with you. Self-love is the foundation of a healthy life, and there are many reasons why we may be lacking in self love, from our programming received in childhood, through to traumatic experiences not yet fully processed, and also just the basic fact that in our educational systems we are not really taught how to love ourselves.

The content of this course is taken from the workshops I offer on my Radical Self Love Retreats. They are the nuts and bolts content of these workshops. But for Self-Love to really take hold, a physical practice - regular exercise of come kind, and a daily meditation practice are also recommended.

There are different modules from a variety of powerful healing therapies and techniques offered in this course. Some may really touch something in you and some may not. That's OK. Take whatever works for you from this course and feel free to skip any content that doesn't resonate. But before skipping, do read through it, and give yourself a chance to be touched by the material.

If you can, try taking this course with a friend, who you can then share your feedback and experiences with.

This Course is Offered in the Spirit of the Gift Economy

This course is offered in the spirit of the Gift Economy, as outlined by Charles Eisenstein. I offer it as a gift to all and anyone who needs this course. I have put many hours of work into this course, and it’s taken me many hours to create the content, create the membership site to hold it and upload everything.

The reason that I offer the course in the spirit of the gift economy is not because I don’t want payment for it, or because I don’t think it is a valuable offering, and will change your life for the better. I do believe it is a valuable offering and I do believe it will change your life for the better. I do invite and accept payment for this course. But I also believe in a world where we are able to freely give and freely receive. I believe that my work should be available to all who need it, whether they have lots of money, a little or close to none.

I welcome your contribution of whatever payment that you would like to give. When you Register for this course you will come to a screen where you are able to input the amount you would like to pay for the course. If you need a guideline for this, similar courses available online can retail for anything from US $80 - $500. But in the end, it is what resonates and feels right with you. I speak more about this on the Registration page.

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