Are you in business for yourself and using this Covid period to re-assess your priorities in terms of your work?

I know for me, as someone who has recently started a business running yoga retreats in person around the world, this current situation – meaning that no one is travelling – has meant I have to re-think my whole business and life plan, at least for this year.

Given the restricted circumstances we are all under, right now is really the perfect time to take stock of your life and business and hit the RESET button.

But being in a transition often means that there are many things you are thinking about – considering, assessing, and intuiting. Each of those skills – the left brain (considering, assessing) and the right brain (intuiting) are important in business. And it helps to have support in this process, otherwise you can easily start to feel like you are in an echo chamber. 

A few years ago, my business partner, global yogini, Ashtanga yoga teacher and artist Kim Roberts and I created a course called Your Fab Yoga Life. This course is an 8 Week Self-Study course that takes you through the process of tuning into your gifts and talents – as a teacher or wellness practitioner, fine tuning your offer to the world and then making that offer.

Let’s call it the yoga of business

The last time we offered the course we had students who were both beginning in their journey as yoga teachers, and also some who had already been teaching for many years. Everyone enjoyed the experienced and came out the other end with a fresh perspective on their business and life.

Praise for Your Fab Yoga Life

In the words of yoga teacher Marianne Jacuzzi.


“Your Fab Yoga Life” came to me when I had reached a crossroad in my journey as a yoga teacher. Though I had been teaching already for over 15 years, many things had shifted for me, both in my yoga practice and my personal life. This wonderful course empowered me with the inspiration, knowledge and challenge that I needed to move forward on my path.

Every week, I looked forward so much to the new lessons. Kim and Michelle have a wealth of wisdom and understanding to share. Their method takes you deeper into yourself, helping you identify your own passion, your own commitment to yoga, your own life story that brought you to where you are now. It is all about teaching from a place of honesty and integrity, being a yogi first and out of that a teacher. The materials provide a good balance, communicating real information as well as challenging questions that serve to deepen self-understanding. I loved interacting with them, contemplating the issues they raised as I went through my week. “


We are now offering this course again as part of our Transition Team Coaching Package. The Transition Team is a 3 month coaching package where we support you in your business and or life transition, through weekly Zoom calls in a supportive community of peers. 

The Your Fab Yoga Life Course by itself sells for US $197.

We are including the course in our Transition Team Coaching Package – for just $397 – making the the 3 Month Transition Team Coaching for just $200 extra.


This program will run over 3 months, and consist of a group coaching call on Zoom each week of one hour. The participant number will be limited to 5 people per group..

It is widely acknowledged that it takes 90 days to form a new habit, so that’s why we will take 90 days for this program, to give you enough time to really go deep, connect with yourself in the supportive group environment, and uncover the next level of your business and life.



  • Tune into your intuition
  • Receive the messages from your soul
  • Get clarity on your mission and vision
  • Know who you wish to serve



  • Gain clarity on your offer
  • Take one action step to bring it to life
  • Get feedback
  • Build your offer – fill in the details



  • Choose which channels to use to reach out to your audience
  • Create a network of support for yourself
  • Create one key piece of content
  • Test your reach through putting your content into the world


You will have email access to Michelle throughout the week during the program, to ask any questions that arise.


There will be a group set up on Watsapp where you can chat with your co-participants during the week and also ask questions of Michelle.

And, to make the decision easy for you in these financially stretched times, you can pay in 3 monthly instalments of US $133!

More praise for Your Fab Yoga Life


It is rare to find a course that gives you so many real life examples of people who are living what is being taught. Kim and Michelle are sincere and are both living Fab Yoga lives enjoying adventure and abundance while staying true to their core yogic values.

This course gives you the tools to go deep within and find out what it is you truly want. It gives you space to breathe and relax and to listen to your body and heart. This is something yoga teachers need to learn to do OFF the mat in every moment of their lives!!!

I feel so inspired and so ready to birth a life that encompasses everything I have ever dreamed of. It is already happening for me. The more I let go and allow things to unfold, the more amazing openings appear. I am full of gratitude to Kim and Michelle for teaching from their hearts and for helping my find my Truth. This is a course that is guaranteed to bring you closer to your own unique way of being in the world and when we stand in our own power, magic happens.”


~ Tash Martin, Australian yoga teacher and sound healer


This has been a brilliantly illuminating course in terms of revealing where I was blocking myself, and practical steps in moving past that start creating my dream life. A lot of exciting moves have started to happen as a direct result of practical action taken and openness felt, through this course. Do it!

Recent Update from Becky

I was researching teacher trainings for one of my private students, and stumbled upon a wonderful 18 month Therapy training right under my nose here in London, having looked worldwide! I’ve done the first 2 long-weekend modules and am loving it. As the course goes on we shadow a therapist then start to take on our own clients under supervision – it’s perfect. I’ve had to make some space in my life and make it a priority in order for it to happen, and it was you and Michelle’s course which helped me to have the vision – and cojones! – to do that, so thank you!


~ Becky Pell, Australian based English yoga teacher and sound engineer

This very special program, the Transition Team, will start in the first week of June. Enrolments will close on June 5th. Get in quick because we are keeping the groups small.

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